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Luxury Logan Whistles - Silver, Gold and more

Luxury Logan Whistles - Silver, Gold and more

Brand: Logan Whistles
Product Code: Logan Luxury Whistles
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We offer a wide range of hand-made as well as precision luxury sheepdog whistles - this page provides a short overview but please click the links on each product for more information and to order.

All Luxury Whistles come in a gift box with velvet pouch and leather lanyard.

Hand-Made solid silver STERLING whistle   

Our beautiful solid silver Sterling whistles are hand made in the UK from solid 925 Sterling Silver, each bears an English Hallmark showing 925 Sterling Silver quality, maker's mark, where made (Sheffield UK) and year made.  A full-size whistle. Similar profile to the Logan A1 whistle with musicality. and good top notes.  This is a fully functional whistle but, as it is hand made, it will not have the extended range of our precision whistles. For a luxury precision Logan Whistle please see our Silver Supreme or Turbo below, or our Logan 304 Luxe stainless steel whistles. 

You can also choose one of our trademark Celtic design silver whistles - the decoration covers both sides of the whistle

LUXURY PRECISION - Silver and Gold Plated Brass Whistles 

If our standard precision is paramount then we offer other Luxury Options

Silver Plated and Gold Plated polished brass whistles

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