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Logan Delta Delrin Whistle - Non-Metallic

£20.00 GBP

Logan Delta Delrin precision non-metallic whistle

This dog training whistle is precision made in exactly the same way as our metal whistles but using Delrin, a new modern polymer. You'll find no distortion in your whistle sounds. Customers also like the tactile, silky texture and the fact that it is comfortable to use even when it’s very cold, or hot – or if you just don't want a metal whistle.

Delrin is a very dense material which does not expand or shrink with changing temperatures and is also capable of being precision cut with sharp edges around the air hole. For that reason it is now used to manufacture flutes and other musical instruments (check out McNeela Delrin Flutes for example) - and so is an ideal material for us to use to create a precision non-metallic Logan whistle.  For car engine sound lovers it's also to be found in place of metal in the engines of Formula 1 cars.

This non-metallic Delrin material and our Logan Delta shape create whistle sounds that some describe as more 'bird-like' - which can be better for a highly responsive dog. But this whistle can also produce sharp, loud tones when required.

This a very lightweight whistle weighing only 5 grams. 

A Logan Whistle pouch is included with this whistle. You can also choose a lanyard here or browse our wider selection using this link - lanyard range.  

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Customer Reviews

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Siegfried H.
Soooooo easy

I had bought a whistle before that is made out of folded sheet metal, with a straight edge at the back, and while I've seen other people play entire tunes with it, I never got a reliable tweet out of it. With the Logan and its curved backside, I started whistling simple tunes in a matter of hours - it just fits the tongue so much more naturally. I'm actually using it to handle my hunting dog out in the field, and the fact that it's non-metallic helps on those cold fall and winter days.

CaringHands, USA
Logan Delta Delrin Whistle - Non-metallic

I have allergies to several metals and alloys ( mostly in jewelry), so I contacted Logan Whistles for recommendation on a good whistle. They recommended this item, and I am very happy they did. The product arrived 2 weeks sooner than expected, and I have been able to get sounds out. Now I have to get the right sounds together for my dog. Thank you for a great product. !~

Stephen G
Logan Delta Delrin Whistle - Non-metallic

I received the Logan Delta Delrin Whistle as a replacement for a brass Ventura whistle as I could not tolerate the brass in my mouth (this is not a problem for my wife who is now the happy owner of my brass whistle). The Delrin whistle is very pleasant to use although the sound quality isn’t quite a good as the brass version, but I would recommend it for its lightness and comfort in the mouth.

Logan Whistles have been a pleasure to deal with and I would thoroughly recommend them. Their aftersales service has been second to none.

Mali, Arctic Sheepdogs, Norway
Logan Delta Delrin Whistle - Non-metallic

My youngest dog Zeiss is starting to learn the whistle. I use the Logan Delta Delrin on all young dogs for these three simple reasons:
-it won't stick to your lip in cold weather. It is non-metallic.
-soft sound, great for youngsters that are working close to you. Both for the dogs, sheep and your ears.
-in my opinion it is the easiest whistle to get a clear sound in. You don't have to blow hard either


Dan, USA
Logan Delta Delrin Whistle - Non-metallic

I bought the Delta & the 304 whistles. Right now I like the Delta much better... though in fairness I am just learning to use these whistles for the first time. If you have never used these types of whistles, it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. After 10 hours of practice, things are coming together. Here are some of the reasons I like the Delta....

1: The Delrin is safe on your teeth and very light & nimble which makes it much easier when learning!.. it is well worth the price, even if you are going to buy another whistle as well. It's going to be lots of hours getting the hang of this... and this will help you not be tired & be distracted. Plus, it's easy to wear around my neck all day & just play it when I'm alone in my truck or outside doing work. Just drop it back inside my shirt to keep the dirt or sawdust off of it.
2: There is no taste associated with the Delrin. I can taste metals after a while but the Delta is neutral.
3: If you are starting out & are only going to buy one whistle to see if you & your dog will like it... this is not only the least expensive , it is also a great first choice for the reasons listed above. If you don't like it, you aren't out that as much money... if you like it, you may benefit from more than one whistle anyway. I know I have.
It's summer now so I don't know how much I would prefer a Delta to a 304 during winter. I do know that it rains almost every day here in Washington state , USA in the fall & winter and that the Delta excels in that condition. I'll find out then!