Logan Whistles - no longer the Shepherd’s Secret

Logan Whistles understand that the quality of dog whistle sounds affect how a dog will respond to the ‘whistle commands’ they are given. Whether you are simply looking for ‘a whistle to get a dog to come back to you’, or like so many of our users, ‘the best whistle for working dogs’, Logan Whistles has the answer. All of our dog training whistles are precision made in the UK from a range of premium metals, anodised aluminium, solid brass, stainless steel, solid silver and non-metallic Delrin and are not only beautifully crafted but also extremely effective whistles which are easy to use. Amaze yourself and delight your dog – treat yourself to a Logan Whistle...

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Dog Training With a Whistle

Whistle commands are widely relied on by handlers of working dogs, the sound signals they create carrying further and being so much less ambiguous ...

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