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Logan Little Ventura Brass Sheepdog Whistle

£52.50 GBP

Logan Little Ventura Working Dog Whistle in polished brass

Our compact Little Logan Ventura range are robust precision-made polished brass dog whistles that are suitable for daily use (by both men and women) and are every bit as powerful as our full-size whistles. Similar in volume to our full size Logan Ventura whistles but with their own unique sharper crystal-clear tones.

These whistles are easy to use and can be attached to any of our lanyards - although they do also come complete with choice of an adjustable cord lanyard, or 24" gold plated chain.

This Little Ventura measures 3.5cm across at the widest point making it a three quarter scale version of our standard Logan Ventura brass whistle. 

The whistle is highly polished.  Choose between

  • Plain polished brass finish
  • Celtic engraving both sides
  • Scroll engraving both sides

Comes with a jump ring if you want to wear with your own chain or lanyard.

Our whistles are designed for use with working dogs and herding dogs but are suitable as a training and recall whistle for all dog breeds.

Also available in lightweight alloy - click here

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Customer Reviews

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Louanne Williamson
Great tool even without sheep!

I am using the Logan Little Ventura whistle for recalls and other obedience needs with my dogs. My voice doesn't carry well at a distance and this whistle is intriguing to my Border Collie. So far "come and down" commands are all we have. It IS a bit difficulut to get the noise --about 45 mins for me. Fun and very useful.

Excellent service and quality

I received the whistle very quickly even here in Canada (by post). The whistle is beautiful and functional. I wonder if the larger whistles are easier to learn on because there will be more room for your lips. The suggestion to relax (and maybe stay still when whistling) is exactly right but hard to do at first. My dog (half border collie,) responds surprisingly well to my so far one command - come.