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Logan Little Ventura - the small Sheepdog Whistle

£27.50 GBP

Our compact Little Logan range of whistles know how to sing!  These robust precision engineered whistles are suitable for daily use (by both men and women) and are every bit as powerful as our full-size whistles, but with their own unique sharper crystal-clear tones.

Exceptionally easy to use, these little whistles can be attached to any of our lanyards - although they do come complete with your choice of a 24 inch (60cm) stainless steel chain or a 24 inch (60cm) leather cord. Comes with a jump ring if you want to wear with your own chain or lanyard.

The Little Ventura is a three quarter scale version of our Logan Ventura anodised aluminium whistle. The whistle measures 3.5cm across at the widest point.  

Also available in polished brass - click here 

You can listen to the Little Ventura whistle sounds here

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50 

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Customer Reviews

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Shawna Kertz
Easy to learn

New user here, very pleased with the Little Ventura. I was getting a sound, be it not pretty, within minutes. Like everything, needs practice to get good and figure out alternating tones, but over all easy to use. I have a small mouth and it fits well. Quality of whistle and chain are good. Only suggestion I have would be, chain would be nicer if a couple inches longer, in order to be able to slip over head for off/on instead of using clasp. Still, overall A.

Harvey Forrester

They are a wee bit difficult to start with but they are great and loud for working in windy weather

José Leal Romero

Logan 'Little' Ventura sheepdog whistle