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Dog Training whistles for all breeds 

Logan Whistles were originally designed by the Logan Family in the UK for their working dogs. They were Harford Logan's 'secret weapon' in helping him communicate with his dogs to win seven National Championships. There is now a full range of Logan 'sheepdog' whistles available - brass, stainless steel, lightweight alloy and non-metallic Delrin - and the tones they can create are suitable for training all working dogs or as an excellent recall whistle for pets. They are especially effective as dogs like and react well to the tones. Each of us creates a different sound using the same whistle so your 'voice' is unique and easily recognised by your dog resulting in faster reactions as they know for sure that it is you that is asking them for a trained response. Guidelines on using the whistle are provided on purchase.

All of our whistle, accessories and jewellery are our own unique designs and all crafted with care in the UK.

Joanne McHardy of Logan Whistles on the left presenting awards to the Canadian Team members at World Trial 2017, Holland.
Joanne McHardy of Logan Whistles on the left presenting awards to the Canadian Team members at World Trial 2017, Holland.

Image: Joanne McHardy of Logan Whistles on the left presenting awards to the Canadian Team members at World Trial 2017, Holland. 

Trade Enquiries

Trade enquiries are welcome - if you would like to stock our whistles or other goods for resale through your own business please contact Joanne McHardy using the contact form on the web-site. 

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Featured in International Sheepdog News Magazine

We are pleased to report that there is a comprehensive feature about Harford Logan, The Border Collie Company and our sheepdog whistles and products in the International SheepDog News Magazine 

And in the same magazine there is an extensive feature on Logan Whistles with advice on choosing and using the right whistle from top handlers James McGee, Julie Hill and Susanne Lejuez

Why buy our Whistles?

Logan Whistles have consistently been the best selling whistles among border collie handlers and sheepdog trial competitors for a number of decades. Now they are increasingly being adopted by dog handlers generally who appreciate the versatility of the whistle and the speed with which the dog reacts to the sounds they produce.

Our whistles are all made using quality materials – stainless steel is culinary standard 304, the brass is just the same as is used in musical instruments - which of course our whistles are! For peace of mind, our aluminium whistles are anodised so there is a seal between the metal and the mouth.

Harford Logan has been perfecting the design of these whistles for his own use since the 1950s. Their purpose has been to help him communicate with his working dogs using a wide range of commands, both up close and at a distance of up to two kilometres.

Harford's designs have also given him an edge at sheepdog trials, helping he and his dogs win the Irish National Sheepdog Championship six times and then the Scottish National Championship during his time farming the mountainous Ben Vair in the Western Highlands of Scotland. 

We now sell these whistles all over the world and not just to Border Collie owners. Designed to carry sound over very long distances in some of the harshest conditions, they are also excellent for use with all dog breeds, as a sporting whistle or even as a safety or leisure whistle. We provide fast delivery worldwide.