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Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

£20.00 GBP

The Logan A1 Whistle 

Versatile, lightweight and like all our whistles, perfect for all dog breeds. We precision make this whistle from a solid piece of high grade aluminium with no rivets or joins.  Using the very latest equipment we systematically shape the whistle for its unique sound quality - clear, crisp tones which carry over very long distance.  Once produced, the Logan A1 is then colour anodised for a taste free finish. 

The whistle’s clear tones are liked by dogs, making it a very effective whistle for other working dogs including gun dogs, or as a recall whistle for pets.

Colours: In addition to the silver finish, we also produce this whistle in a variety of other anodised colours. Choose using the options above. 

Lanyards: Find our full range of lanyards using this link - lanyard range 

Engraved designs: Click to choose from our standard engraved motifs  

Personal Engraving: Click to add a personal engraved text message 

As our whistles all carry sound over 500m they are regularly used for other outdoor activities - rescue, hiking, cycling, falconry, sailing ... The wide range of tones they create and the scope for sharp high volume sounds, as well as soft tones for close work, mean you can build up a 'whistle language' for your own use. 

We will send instructions on how to get the best from these whistles.   But see our separate listing for our unique 'Logan Whistle Command Sound Guide' which contains a video to help you use the whistle and whistle command sound clips which you can download as well as step by step advice on how to build up your own set of whistle sounds.

A Logan Whistle pouch and 'How to Use' instructions are included with each purchase and you can choose a lanyard here.  

Weighs 7 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

Postage to UK - Standard £2.00  International Postage (rest of world) Standard £7.50

A short video of the Logan A1 in action


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Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

Totally brilliant!

We got a rescue Sheltie recently and, when calling her in from the garden, I realised she responded well to me whistling - bad though my whistling is. Tammy is an oversized, rangy, very athletic Sheltie so I also realised that I'd need to have a good recall. I put two and two together, researched whistles, found Logan Whistles and bought the A1. I started practising and took a tip from the reviewer who practised in their car so 100+ commuting miles later and I can whistle a recall. It's an amazing piece of kit and Tammy responds instantaneously. This past week with strong winds It's been invaluable - my voice would not carry into the wind I bought one for my husband, hes currently learning and is equally impressed. Then I treated my best friend - and her recalcitrant red fox lab - to the starter kit. Di Is having great fun learning to use her Logan Whistle; Di and I both get the best sounds when we hold it upside down. So it's five stars from us all.

Antony, UK
Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

By far the best sheepdog whistle out there. Can be heard by the dog for a considerable distance and I find I get better reactions from my collies with this then a standard gun dog whistle. Being able to make various noises also helps build a list of different commands.
Quick note for those not in the know, if you have never used a shepherds whistle before you will have to practice it considerably before introducing it to your dog or you will just become agitated and confuse the dog. Also sounds basic enough but I know some people will just expect to blow the whistle, you do actually have to train the dog to come back!!! In conclusion a good whistle worth the money

James; UK
Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service, whistle arrived today
I’ve had half a dozen different whistles over the years, this is the first I’ve picked up and been able to use almost perfectly first time. Game changer! Thanks very much.

Pat, USA
Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

I love this whistle and just ordered another one! I have always thought myself a very poor whistler and have bought many different kinds of them. But there is something about this one that is so easy for me to use. It is light, and, for me, easy to create the sounds that I want. What a joy! PERFECT for me