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Logan Delta2 Delrin Turbo Whistle - Non-Metallic

£25.00 GBP

Delta2 - the Delrin Turbo precision non-metallic whistle

This whistle is precision crafted from Delrin, an extremely tactile, hard-wearing non-metallic material with a silky texture.  Being a very dense material it is capable of being precision machined in just the same way as our metal whistles, taking a very sharp edge to produce crisp, sharp whistle sounds. The Delta2 takes the two-hole Turbo design that has been so successful in the solid brass Logan Turbo and stainless steel Logan 304 Turbo whistles. This design changes the 'timbre' of the whistle sounds helping them cut through competing noise such as wind or echoes, crowd or traffic noise.   So you'll find this whistle will produce consistent sounds - soft for close work or crisp and sharp for use over extreme distance. It is also comfortable to use when in icy or very hot weather – or if you simply prefer not to use a metal whistle.

Our lightest whistle - weighing just 4 grams

A Logan Whistle pouch is already included and you can add a leather or sailing cord lanyard from this page or find our wider selection by clicking here.

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
charlie milne
Turbo whistle

Good product excellent service took a bit for me to get used to but works well

Phil J
Great quality! Great sound!

Great product. Quality and service is excellent. Sound is perfect and that’s my dog talking ;-) Just wished I had purchased the A1 as before. The double not so user or dog friendly, well for me anyway.

Göran Olsén

Logan Delta2 Delrin Turbo Whistle - Non metallic

Jamie Cline
Great Whistle

These are top of the line whistles. It takes some practice but they have great sound and range.

Jenny, UK
Logan Delta2 Delrin Turbo Whistle - Non metallic

I'm completely new to proper whistles, so my experience could be useful to someone else in my position. Over the last 40 years I've trained my family dogs (Golden retrievers) to a high standard in obedience. My current pup is a small cockerpoo (OK, don't all laugh at once) from a working cocker spaniel with a good field trial pedigree.
Once he had in place all his voice commands, hand signals, mouth whistle and ordinary dog whistle commands, and was five months old, I decided that (as his natural radius is quite large) I'd try a proper whistle. I bought a cheap metal one, always with the intention of treating myself to a Logan whistle if I could get anything out of the cheap one. I'd read of people trying unsuccessfully for years!
After a day or two I was getting only one sound, coarse and sharp, and with little volume control. The pup would recall, but with a pained expression as if to say, "I've come back to ask you to stop - please!"
I ordered my Logan.