Logan Whistles

Engraved Logan Whistle 304 Stainless Steel

£55.00 GBP

DECORATED LOGAN 304 Stainless Steel Whistle  

Our top quality, stainless steel precision machined sheep dog whistle with a choice of engraved designs. Same excellent sound projection - performance with looks to match.  

Designs include

  • ​Running Border Collie
  • Full Celtic design on both sides
  • English Scroll on both sides

Add a gift box and lanyard here for £12.50 extra or choose a whistle lanyard from our full selection.

Weighs 23 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

"The Logan 304 stainless steel whistle has very fast become the favourite here in Sweden. Why is that? I think it has to do with 2 things. First the size, it fits most mouths very well, not too big not too small. Second, the sound, it is possible with this whistle to blow smooth low whistles when the dog is close and strong whistle tones when the sound conditions are bad. We have a lot of flat fields here in Sweden where the normal whistles can't be heard but where the Logan 304 whistle works fine. If you don't believe me? Try for yourself!" 

The 'Rolls Royce of Sheepdog Whistles' (NFU Countryside Magazine)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christmas present for Son-in-Law

SiL very pleased with the whistle package and managed to get a sound out almost straight away - dog wasn't interested though !

Craig Wilson
Great Whistle

Great whistle, beautiful workmanship!!