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Logan Ventura Solid Brass Shepherd's Whistle

£32.50 GBP

Logan Ventura Brass whistle

The Ventura range of whistles has a larger air hole than our other whistles and a slot size & shape tailored to the density of the metal - more volume with less effort, easy to use ancontrol command sounds. 

Strong tones and range of sounds - from soft deep tones to our trademark loud sharp, crisp commands that a dog finds easy to distinguish between.  

Although the design of our whistles has been perfected for the hard working herding  dog, our whistles are now more widely used by other working dog breeds and as a superb but simple recall whistle for pet dogs too. Any dog breed can benefit from the quality of the tones which they enjoy - and which are unique to you the handler making training easier.

The Ventura Brass Whistle comes with a velvet Logan Whistle pouch. You can add a lanyard here - 2.5mm leather cord or 4mm lamb nappa leather with brass swivel clip; or click to see our full range of whistle lanyards.

To make the whistle extra special, you can choose from our whistle decoration options.

Weighs 24 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.  

We will send instructions on how to get the best from these whistles.   But see our separate listing for our unique 'Logan Whistle Command Sound Guide' which contains a video to help you use the whistle, whistle command sound clips which you can download and step by step advice on how to build up your own set of whistle sounds.

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charles E
Well worth it.

The whistle has a good tone and volume. No transition required from other similar Logan whistles.

George Sellmer

Logan Ventura Brass Whistle

Kate Ogle
Logan Ventura Brass Whistle

I think I have bought every whistle on the market. The Logan Ventura Brass Whistle out performs all the others. I love the volume and the sharpness of the tones. I actually think my dog listens better with this whistle as I am able to keep the commands clear and distinct from each other.

Timo Nyman
Fantastic whistle

One word will describe this excellent product

- FANTASTIC ! ! ! -

Highly recommend !

Also the service from Logan whistles company is excellent

Stuart Logan
Logan Ventura Brass Whistle

Over the moon with my purchase of brass ventura, placed order in the morning arrived next day, excellent whistle and a service second to none.
Very highly recommend.
Many thanks