Logan Whistles

Engraved Logan Turbo Brass Sheepdog Whistle

£37.50 GBP

Decorated Logan Turbo solid brass whistle

Our Logan Turbo solid brass whistle is available with two engraved designs

  • Running Border Collie 
  • Celtic design on both sides of the whistle 
  • English Scroll on both sides of the whistle

Each Turbo brass whistle comes with a velvet Logan Whistle pouch. If you choose to add a gift box we also include an adjustable black leather cord lanyard with matching brass swivel clip for £12.50 extra. Or choose a whistle lanyard from our full selection.

We use the very highest quality metals in making our brass whistles  - completely lead free to avoid the old-fashioned metal taste you can get from inferior metals. 

Our two-hole Turbo design affects the timbre (or 'voice') of your whistle tones in a way that really helps them cut through interfering sound.  It has the capability of even greater volume for those who work at distance or where there is the possibility of a lot of sound interference.  

Weighs 20 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Sheldon Kitlinger

Decorated Logan Turbo Brass Sheepdog Whistle

Elizabeth, USA
Decorated Logan Turbo Brass Whistle

A beautiful and functional piece of art