Logan Sheepdog Whistles are the favourite among top working dog handlers who appreciate the clear consistent commands they produce, even over very long distances, and how well a dog reacts to those sounds. Designed for border collie training and sheepdog trials but ideal for puppy training and working dogs of all breeds.  They are all made by us here in the UK and then shipped and enjoyed worldwide.  A velvet whistle pouch and 'How to Use Instructions" included with each purchase.

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Logan Whistle Starter Pack

Logan Whistle Starter Pack

£30.00 GBP
Logan A1 sheepdog whistles colours

Logan A1 Sheep Dog Whistle - Lightweight

From £20.00 GBP
Logan A1 Whistles

Logan A1 Whistle - The Value Multi-Pack

From £52.50 GBP
Logan whistle

I ❤️ you! Logan Whistle

From £30.00 GBP
Logan A1 Turbo metal sheepdog whistle

Logan A1 Turbo Sheepdog Whistle

From £25.00 GBP