Logan Whistles

Soft Slimline Italian Leather Long Lanyard

£25.00 GBP

Soft Slimline Italian Leather Lanyard

Available in three colours - red, brown or black - with a choice of brass or chrome colour clips to match your whistle.

We hand-make these lanyards using quality, supple Italian leather with a fine grain, which is hand-cut and stitched to our own design. These lanyards are ideal for use with our whistle case.

Ideal for those looking for a longer lanyard. The leather strap is 5mm thick and 96cm long overall which translates to an 19 inch (48cm) drop when worn.

Available in black, brown or red leather with a strong brass or chrome colour stainless steel swivel clip - choose from the options above.  

For your safety, please always keep lanyards tucked away if using machinery

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Jeremy - EYE DOG, USA
Soft Slimline Italian Leather Lanyard - the Long Lanyard

An extremely comfortable, attractive, durable, and secure leather lanyard. I rely on this lanyard year round with the leather cover for thorough protection of my whistle and a complete, professional presentation for my business. I highly recommend this lanyard and cover combination without any hesitation. I couldn't be happier with the quality and look! To compliment this set up, I also use the keyring lanyard with a cover to ensure I am never without my highly trusted and valued Logan 304 Whistles.