Logan Whistles

Logan Turbo Solid Brass Sheepdog Whistle

£32.50 GBP

The Logan Turbo - solid brass whistle

Our unique two-hole design create tones that carry over very long distance and which dogs react very well to even when there is a lot of noise interference from wind, the sea, crowds etc. This whistle is precision crafted from a solid piece of premium brass and hand-finished. It comes with a velvet Logan Whistle pouch.  

The Logan Turbo Brass whistle comes with a velvet Logan Whistle pouch and how to use instructions.  You can add an adjustable 2.5mm leather cord lanyard or 4mm lamb nappa leather lanyard here or choose a whistle lanyard from our full selection.

You can also choose from our standard engraved whistle designs.

Our two-hole Turbo version of whistles changes the quality or reverberation of the tones so that they are audible at greater distance and able to cut through background and interfering sounds like wind, sea, crowd noise.  The whistle can be louder too. The design was developed by Harford Logan when he was working with his dogs in the Highlands of Scotland.  It is used in just the same way as our other whistles - for more information on our range please see our Logan Whistle comparison page

Weighs 20 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

Shipping: to UK - Standard £2.50  International (rest of world) Standard £7.50

Click HERE to view a video of Huntaway dogs working at distance to the Logan Turbo brass whistle sounds in South Island New Zealand. Unlike border collies, Huntaway dogs use their loud bark to direct the sheep at extreme distance

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Customer Reviews

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Positive feedback

Introduced this whistle to our 3 Golden Retrievers - resulting in an immediate consistent recall response.

Practice, practice, practice !

A Christmas present from me to me - driving the wife mad trying to get a sound out of it - apart from the gurgling of saliva. The occasional success is always a surprise and rarely repeated. I do wonder if the single hole whistle is easier to use; If you buy one yourself make sure to get the lanyard as well as there is an ever present risk of swallowing it. I'll keep going - it can't be that difficult :)

Geoff Kelly
Brass class whistle

I’ve bought these before. Thought I’d treat myself to a classy one . Very pleased .

Outstanding exceeds my expectations

Got my new whistle today after losing an Acme sheepdog whistle. I was getting to grips vaguely with the Acme, but this one is so much more versatile and easy to get a tune from. I have yet to teach the dogs commands with it, but it certainly gets their attention.

Cate Kirk-Dufty
Brass whistle

It was a little tricky at the start, and it was difficult to whistle away from the dogs. Whenever I drive solo I practice whistling along to the radio songs. I found pitch when I whistle to the tunes on the car radio. As a result, the young dog has stop now.