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Harford's Apprentice - Teaching the Basics of Sheep Herding to a Young Dog

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HARFORD'S APPRENTICE - Teaching the Basics of Sheep Herding to a Young Dog    

by Harford Logan  - as told to his daughter Joanne McHardy

Border Collie sketch

Harford Logan explains to his daughter Joanne McHardy, how he trained a young dog to herd sheep - distilling all his years of experience into a short tutorial for someone just starting out in sheepdog training, a simple but practical guide to the crucial first stages with a young dog. 'Harford's way' is to bring out the dog’s own natural herding ability – and so help it to be the best it can be. His view is that the time taken in the early stages of training to help the dog understand and succeed make the most difference. His advice in this book is limited to the first months of training, so the dog has the basic skills needed for simple farm work and the foundation for all future experience. Harford Logan was the holder of the Irish National Sheepdog Championship on six occasions & then Scottish Champion when farming in the Highlands.

This book is just as suitable for teaching the Stop, Stay and Recall commands to any dog breed.

Hard Back book; 28 pages - fully illustrated by Holly Bennett and Joanne McHardy

Contains Harford's approach to training the young dog on the following tasks:

Hard Back book

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Harford Logan, from County Down in Northern Ireland, has been winning and judging sheepdog trials for well over 60 years. In 2010 he was awarded the International Sheep Dog Society's most prestigious award, the Wilkinson Sword, for his 'outstanding contribution to the Society, sheepdogs and trialing'. Seven times he won the ISDS National Sheep Dog Championship (six times for Ireland & once for Scotland), and has for decades been a respected judge of trials in the UK & Ireland, North America and across Europe. He is still an avid watcher of young handlers and novice dogs, always on the look-out for the next champions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donna Rhoades
Heartwarming book

I loved this book, both thenarrative and illustrations.

Jeff Presley
More then expected

I would recommend this to anyone

Timo Nyman
This one should be a "must" for everybody starting herding

I sure like this book big time since i truly like to know/hear about stuff from those who really know their business/know what they are talking about, the real experience.
Not sure if can point out anything specified issue but surely opening my mind, giving new ideas and maybe the most important thing was to help me think outside my own box.
Explanations made "down to earth", easy to understand.

Highly recommended !

Livia Bernardi
Perfect to start

I've been in professional dog training for many years and I'm just starting to learn about herding, this book should be a must for anyone who wants to get started. Easy to read, practical and very instructive. 100% recommendable!!

Harford's Apprentice - Teaching the Basics of Sheep Herding to a Young Dog

First of great service as seems to be the norm.
Ordered for myself, got as far as page eight, then bam my 13 year old daughter has put claim to it.
Fingers crossed I will get to read the entire book when she eventually returns to me. (just been informed by said daughter, she is really enjoying the book, she is willing to return it, in return for her pick of litter).