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Over the Hills and Far Away by Harford Logan

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Over the Hills and Far Away - the escapades and winning ways of Harford Logan & his Border Collies

by Harford Logan - with a little help from his daughter, Joanne McHardy (illustrations by Holly Bennett)

The escapades and winning ways of Harford Logan and his border collies as told to his daughter Joanne McHardy - with illustrations by Holly Bennett.

Harford has spent a lifetime working in partnership with his Border Collies – winning his very first sheepdog trial and then regularly taking home the Irish National Championship Cup. In this book he candidly shares some of his magic - how he chooses his dogs, finds a way to communicate with them and be the handler which a dog of that quality deserves.

On the way he introduces us to the characters and lifestyle of the farming world he grew up in during 1940s Ireland, his first trial successes in front of the handlers he revered as a young man, the joys and challenges of farming the Copeland Islands off County Down in Ireland, then the mountainous Lagnaha in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and finally the antics and dramas of his many 'working' trips to North America, where he judged sheepdog trials and ran dog training clinics.

This is a book you'll enjoy as much for its humour and insight into a clearly enjoyable way of life, as for the genuine advice you'll gain from a man who, for many, needs no introduction.

Harford Logan

Harford Logan, from County Down in Northern Ireland, has been winning and judging sheepdog trials for over 50 years. He has held the Irish National Championship title six times as well as winning the Scottish National Championship title while farming near Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. In 2010 he was awarded the International Sheep Dog Society's most prestigious award, the Wilkinson Sword, for his 'outstanding contribution to the Society, sheepdogs and trialling'. He is also one of the world's most experienced sheepdog trial judges and has regularly been invited to judge trials in America, Canada and across Europe.

A delight to read and worth tracking down – Farming Life

Contains a detailed section on training which will be very helpful to folk of all ages and abilities - International Sheepdog News

A fascinating memoir and easy read which harmoniously strikes a balance to satisfy both the novice and enthusiast - Rathfriland Outlook

A fresh and invigorating read building up a patchwork of stories and experience about farming life and sheepdog trials - Mourne Observer

The escapades and winning ways of legendary sheepdog handler, Harford Logan, are recalled in a very vivd and humorous manner. - Banbridge Chronicle

"Few men have I seen who are as admired and welcomed in the sheepdog world as this man. Friends gather to his side and renew friendships everywhere he goes. I commend this book to those who want to learn about sheepdogs, sheep farming and enjoy a full dose of Irish humour at the side of none other than the master." – E.B. Raley, Texas

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Robert Fairley
Over The Hills And Far Away.

A very enjoyable read which brought back many memories of people and places mentioned in the book but most of all Harford himself. I would recommend the book as it is a great insight into the sheepdog world and has Harford’s humour

Timo Nyman
Excellent, easy to understand with a dash of entertainment

I sure like this book big time since i truly like to know/hear about stuff from those who really know their business/know what they are talking about, the real experience.
Not sure if can point out anything specified issue but surely opening my mind, giving new ideas and maybe the most important thing was to help me think outside my own box.
Explanations made "down to earth", easy to understand.

Highly recommended !

Dave Stroud
Over the Hills and Far Away by Harford Logan

An excellently entertaining book combined with advise and techniques on sheep dog training and handling. Really good read which deserves 10/10.

Crannog Working K9
Over the Hills and Far Away by Harford Logan

If I could give this 10 stars I would.


Over the Hills and Far Away by Harford Logan

Down to earth - A brilliant insight into the world of dogs, without a lot of technical jargon that we normally can't understand.