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We are a family business that has been designing and making sheepdog whistles in the UK for decades - which we now sell all over the world.

Logan Whistles are famous for their quality and a range of sounds that dogs can hear even at significant distance, out of sight of the handler, or in difficult weather conditions. They are crafted with care using the highest quality materials, precision milled from a solid piece of metal to avoid joins or rivets and then hand finished to produce the very best sound. These shepherd's whistles are perfect for the working herding and sheepdog, to give you that edge at sheepdog trials or to help all dog breeds hear and respond to their handler. 

We also offer other quality products including whistle neck straps or lanyards, jewellery and accessories and a whistle engraving service.  

All our whistles, lanyards and jewellery products are manufactured here in the United Kingdom and shipped worldwide 

Prices are shown in UK £ Sterling but you can change the prices to your own currency.  

On the top right hand corner of the screen you will see GBP - that means Great Britain Pound or Sterling. If you click on the little v beside that you will see a list and can select your own currency.

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