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Logan A1 Sheepdog Whistle - Packs & Colours

Logan A1 Sheepdog Whistle - Packs & Colours

Brand: Logan Whistles
Product Code: A1 Whistle colours
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Coloured Logan A1 

Our top-favourite Logan A1 Whistle with some bright new anodized finishes.  The same versatile, lightweight whistle, now anodized in a choice of BlackRed, Blue, GreenPink or Purple. Precision crafted from a solid piece of high grade aluminium with no rivets or joins and anodised for a taste free finish. Perfect as an everyday dog whistle and for any dog breed.  A Logan Whistle pouch is included.

You can choose between a single whistle or a pack of three whistles using the drop down box above.   If you choose a pack of three whistles add the colour, or mix of colours, you would like by typing in the text box above.

Special - £6 off a pack of 3 whistles - so instead of £60 you will be charged £54  - (you will see £34 in the drop down list as this is £20 for the first whistle and then +£34 to bring the cost to a total of £54)

Each whistle weighs 7 grams each and measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.

Our whistles are perfect for all dog breeds. The tones they produce are easily heard by the dog over long distances. See how your dog reacts to the whistle command sound clips which you can find in the whistles section of this web-site. You can gradually replace the voice commands that your dog is already obedient to, by using a whistle command first and then the voice command they know & understand. In a short time the dog will react to the whistle command alone.

We will send instructions on how to get the best from these whistles.   But see our separate listing for our unique 'Logan Whistle Command Sound Guide' which contains a video to help you use the whistle and whistle command sound clips which you can download as well as step by step advice on how to build up your own set of whistle sounds.

To add a personal message please use the link below to our Engraving Service

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