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The Natural Way - Softback Book

The Natural Way - Softback Book

Product Code: B4: The Natural Way by Julie Hill
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The Natural Way by Julie Hill  New edition packed with practical advice based on Julie's 30 years experience as a shepherd combined with her expertise in canine communication. Julie is also the only woman to have won both the prestigious Supreme International and International Brace Championships and 2014 Scottish National Champion. In this book she explains how dogs communicate and then how to use a language they understand to train then effectively. The book is packed with practical advice, tips, anecdotes and illustrations. Also available on DVD.

"I've watched many times how a horse can be trained to 'Join Up' to its handler, but I've never seen it done with a dog prior to reading this book…a great book to read….covering every aspect of training"  Gus Dermody, BBC One Man & His Dog commentator

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