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Logan 304 LUXE Range - Stainless Steel Sheepdog Whistle

£70.00 GBP


High polish, anti-allergy, scratch & tarnish resistant stainless-steel whistles

Drawing on PVD technologies developed for military and luxury jewellery (especially watch) applications, we have introduced a new high polish LUXE finish to our Logan 304 stainless steel whistles.

Choose your 304 LUXE whistle and colour finishes:

  • Logan 304 LUXE (one hole) - GOLD or SILVER titanium finish 
  • Logan 304 TURBO LUXE (two-hole) - GOLD or SILVER titanium finish 
  • if your preferred option is not showing we are temporarily out of stock

Why should luxury jewellers hold all the secrets?  Now this beautiful, safe and durable finish is available from Logan Whistles.

This type of stainless-steel finish was originally used to lessen friction and wear and tear on metal parts, which is a testament to its toughness. Now it is the quality standard for luxury jewellery, such as watch cases, to provide an allergy-free, scratch resistant finish in preference to precious metals.

The process changes the physical properties of the metal surface, creating a finish which is ten times harder than the stainless steel itself. It is tarnish resistant, will not fade or change colour and is highly scratch resistant.   Our most robust luxury finish.

The 304 LUXE finish is biocompatible -  safe for both the environment and humans, employing no harsh chemicals or hazardous by-products.

Personal Engraving: This whistle can be engraved for an added cost of £25. For simple text please select "add personal engraving" on the options above and then type the text you would like us to engrave in the box provided.  Click for details of our engraving service as we can also engrave our Celtic and Scroll patterns on this whistle.

Postage to UK - Standard £2.00  International Postage (rest of world) Standard £7.50

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Happy whistle

wow, a very nice whistle with good sound. Easy to make it sing !