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Pewter Sheep & Collie Torc Bangle

Pewter Sheep & Collie Torc Bangle

Brand: The Border Collie Company
Product Code: Pewter Sheep & Collie Torc Bangle
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Pewter Sheep & Collie Torc Bangle

Another of our original designs.  Our new Pewter Torc Bangles are made entirely by hand using the finest British Pewter.  They feature a Celtic ribbon pattern and a carefully sculpted sheep and collie facing up to each other at each end. These Bangles are flexible so that they can be opened gently to fit any wrist size.  The bangle comes in our gift box.


Pewter is the fourth most valuable metal in general use after Platinum, Gold and Silver.   British Pewter is non-toxic containing no lead and is a mixture of metals, the largest portion being pure Tin (at least 92%) with Antimony and Copper for strength.


Pewter is easy to care for as it does not tarnish as easily as silver or silver-plate.  To retain the natural lustre, wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 

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