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The Natural Way DVD

The Natural Way DVD

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The Natural Way DVD by Julie Hill  The Natural Way of training sheepdogs using the dog's own language. The dog is a pack animal and responds to his innate instinct to hunt. Julie shows you how to harness this instinct to aid working stock. Adapt behaviour through using pressure/release techniques, to communicate with your dog using 'The Natural Way' method. The Natural Way encourages the dog to WANT to work for you, promoting mutual trust and respect. 

98 minutes

Julie Hill has worked with Border Collies since 1982 and, since then, she has bred & trained a number of highly successful sheepdogs, both for farming and the trial field. She is a well known competitor and judge at sheepdog trials. She is a past Scottish National Champion and is renown for becoming the first and, currently only, woman to win the prestigious Supreme International Championship. Furthermore, she is one of the few people (either man or woman) who has won the International Brace Championship as well as the Supreme. Over the years, she has developed The Natural Way for training sheepdogs and she has taught this method at training clinics and to individual handlers across the world.

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