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Solid Brass Whistles

Solid Brass Whistles

Brand: Logan Whistles
Product Code: Logan Brass Sheepdog Whistle
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All of our brass whistles are precision crafted from a solid piece of certificated lead-free brass to create a great range of sounds.

We offer three brass whistles:

  1. Logan Supreme 
  2. Logan Turbo
  3. Logan Ventura Brass


Our original brass whistle - same shape as our Logan A1 aluminium. Brass gives the whistle a more musical quality and better range of tones - from soft to sharp and loud. Click on any picture to go to the full product description page. Or use these links  - Logan Supreme or the decorated versions Decorated Logan Supreme Brass Whistle



Our original Turbo two-hole design whistle - created to change the 'voice' or timbre of the whistle so that it can compete better with interfering sounds (wind, echoes etc) and carry better over extreme distance of 750-1000 metres - or further. A favourite at sheepdog trials as dogs can pick up the sounds quickly.  Click on any picture to go to the full product description page. Or use these links Logan Turbo, or the decorated versions Decorated Logan Turbo Brass Whistles



Our latest design whistle created with a new sound chamber (air hole size and slot profile) in the finest brass material. Easy to use, loud with ease when you need it. Click on any picture to go to the full product description page. Or use these links - Logan Ventura Brass and the beautifully decorated versions, Scroll or Border Collie Logan Ventura Brass

We will send instructions on how to get the best from these whistles.   But see our separate listing for our unique 'Logan Whistle Command Sound Guide' which contains a video to help you use the whistle and whistle command sound clips which you can download as well as step by step advice on how to build up your own set of whistle sounds.

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A word about Brass

Given the acoustic and ant-bacterial properties of brass, it is the usual metal of choice for the construction & mouthpieces of musical instruments including the harmonica, trumpet and horn.

We love the hygienic nature of this material - brass can kill even antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRSA microorganisms within a few minutes to hours of contact.

For those who are sensitive to metals, and to minimise any potential for an allergic reaction, we have sourced top-quality certified lead-free brass for our whistles and do not add lacquer of any kind.  Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and if you may have sensitivities to those materials you may feel happier selecting a whistle from one of our other ranges.



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