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Collie Psychology – Inside the Border Collie Mind

Collie Psychology – Inside the Border Collie Mind

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Collie Psychology – Inside the Border Collie Mind by Carol Price  In this book, Carol Price, canine behaviour specialist and Border Collie expert, helps us to understand the intricate workings of this special breed's brain. Covering a wide range of topics from the history of the breed, to understanding herding instincts, the reason behind obsessive and manic behaviour and providing the recipe for raising a problem free dog, this book is enlightening for even the most experienced Collie owner.

"I can't recommend this book highly enough. Comprehensive, well researched, nicely presented… I have been extremely impressed by Carol's knowledge and understanding of the breed. I cannot fault any of it. It is a pleasure to have this book on my bookshelf"  Roy Goutte, Book review International Sheepdog News.

Chapter one looks at the origins and history of the breed Chapter two looks at the mind and instincts of the Border Collie  Chapter three moves on to getting a Border Collie puppy, discussing what to look out for and what to avoid.  In chapter four Price discusses early rearing and gives tips on understanding the mind of your puppy. Chapter five looks at early training & how to establish the right relationship with our dog. Chapter six studies ongoing social training & how  you can stretch your puppy's social flexibility and tolerance. She covers visitors to the home, less familiar objects, meeting other dogs and introduces us to the 'Go See' command. Price also looks at the outside world and how to teach your puppy coping strategies. Chapter seven moves on to analysing and adapting your training.& common Collie related training problems such as active and passive resistance to commands, and shows us how to remedy these. Chapter eight focuses on more advanced training such as anti-chase training, down on the move, distance control, training the 'leave' , scent  and searchwork and finding objects. Price explains how these exercises are relevant to Collies and also looks at the use of clickers, toys and treats. Chapter nine looks at the adolescent Collie. Price examines common challenges and changes in teenage dogs and explains how to deal with these.  Chapter ten examines the rescue Collie, what challenges you will commonly face and how to overcome these. Chapter eleven moves on to the competitive Collie, and Price looks at both the positives and negatives of competing. She explains in detail what is involved in showing, obedience, agility, flyball, working trials and sheep work, and how each of these activities are suited to the Collie. Chapter twelve considers Border Collie health. In chapter thirteen Price looks at the older Collie helping us to understand the ageing process. Finally, there is a detailed and elaborative advice section which includes an A-Z of Collie-related behaviour problems with straightforward, practical guidelines on how to deal with these.  Also included is advice on where to seek help, a detailed index and a list of useful addresses.

More about Carol Price  - Carol Price is a canine behaviourist, author and writer who has owned, trained, bred and worked with Border Collies for nearly 20 years. A former feature writer and commissioning editor on The Sunday Times (in London, UK), she has written for a wealth of national newspapers and magazines and is also author of the two best-selling books, Understanding the Border Collie and Understanding the rescue dog. Today Carol's knowledge about dogs – particularly their psychology and behaviour – is much in demand. She is a regular contributor and advisor for both of the UK's top-selling dog magazines, Your Dog and Dogs Today and spends much of her professional time helping owners with problem dogs. Carol has four Border Collies of her own.

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