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About Logan Whistles and The Border Collie Company                                       Contact us on 00 44 (0)1798 875888

'We are a family business that has been designing and making our own sheepdog whistles in the UK for decades.

The designs have been perfected by us to help our working dogs hear commands at a distance, often out of sight, putting the dogs at ease and helping them get on with the task in hand. My father, Harford Logan is a seven-time national sheepdog champion (six times for Ireland and once for Scotland from his time farming the mountainous Ben Vair in the Western Highlands of Scotland) and so his designs were also perfected to give him an edge at sheepdog trials.  We now sell all over the world through our web-site and through local trade partners and supply the International Sheepdog Society, amongst others.'  Joanne McHardy

Image Right: Joanne McHardy of Logan Whistles on the left presenting awards to the winning English Team members at World Trial 2017, Holland. Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar.

Harford Logan's daughter, Joanne McHardy, has been representing artists since 1995 when she set up The McHardy Sculpture Company in London. Now based in rural West Sussex she has commissioned a number of original works of art, jewellery and accessories depicting the border collie available here on our web-site and from the International Sheep Dog Society.

Trade Enquiries

Trade enquiries are welcome - if you would like to stock our whistles or other goods for resale through your own business please contact Joanne using the contact form on the web-site. 

Credit card orders can be taken over the phone 00 44 (0)1798 875888 if you prefer not to buy on-line.

Logan Whistles  - "Read all about us"

Featured in International Sheepdog News Magazine

We are pleased to report that there is a comprehensive feature about Harford Logan, The Border Collie Company and our sheepdog whistles and products in the International SheepDog News Magazine! Please click here to view an extract from the article.

And in the same magazine there is an extensive feature on Logan Whistles with advice on choosing and using the right whistle from top handlers James McGee, Julie Hill and Susanne Lejuez.

The magazine is part of the International Sheepdog Society’s Annual Membership, you can apply online at http://www.isds.org.uk/shop/membership-magazine/

Featured in National Farmers Union Countryside Magazine

Thanks to NFU Countryside Magazine for choosing Logan Whistles to kick off their new 'How To' series in their April 2015 edition - A full page explanation on How to Train your dog to react to whistle commands & a chance to win one of our whistles - 'The Rolls Royce of Sheepdog Whistles'.

Why buy our Whistles ?

Logan Whistles have consistently been the best selling whistles among border collie handlers and sheepdog trial competitors for a number of decades. Now they are increasingly being adopted by dog handlers generally who appreciate the versatility of the whistle and the speed with which the dog reacts to the sounds they produce.

Our whistles are all made using quality materials – stainless steel is culinary standard 304, the brass is just the same as is used in musical instruments - which of course our whistles are! For peace of mind, our aluminium whistles are anodised so there is a seal between the metal and the mouth.

Harford Logan has been perfecting the design of these whistles for his own use since the 1950s. Their purpose has been to help him communicate with his working dogs using a wide range of commands, both up close and at a distance of up to two kilometers.

Harford's designs have also given him an edge at sheepdog trials, helping he and his dogs win the Irish National Sheepdog Championship six times and then the Scottish National Championship during his time farming the mountainous Ben Vair in the Western Highlands of Scotland. 

We now sell these whistles all over the world and not just to Border Collie owners. Designed to carry sound over very long distances in some of the harshest conditions, they are also excellent for use with all dog breeds, as a sporting whistle or even as a safety or leisure whistle. We provide fast delivery worldwide. See what our customers say about us…

Customer Feedback 

"The 304 arrived today and it is AMAZING. It is so easy to use and I can get a full range of tones and notes on it that I struggled to get with my plastic whistle! " Alex, Australia

"The Logan 304 stainless steel whistle has very fast become the favourite here in Sweden. Why is that? I think it has to do with 2 things. First the size, it fits most mouths very well, not too big not too small. Second, the sound, it is possible with this whistle to blow smooth low whistles when the dog is close and strong whistle tones when the sound conditions are bad. We have a lot of flat fields here in Sweden where the normal whistles can't be heard but where the Logan 304 whistle works fine. If you don't believe me? Try for yourself!"

Marianne Klima, Time2Learn

I have been using the stainless steel whistle for a number of years now and have found it to be the only whistle for me.

When Harford first introduced this whistle to me it was major improvement to my previous whistles, giving me better and clearer tones for commands etc. which are a lot more acceptable to my dogs, giving them better quality sounds that they are quicker and more comfortable to react to.

Harford has made major advancements in providing whistles to accommodate all types of handlers. This comes from his long experience as top handler, and a man who understands the true workings of the sheepdog and what they and their handlers need when it comes to whistles.

Aidan Gallagher, www.aidangallagher.co.uk

"Hi there, I want you to know, I love my A1 whistles, but the Logan 304 is my special favourite one. This one is so nice to work with on the windy fields and also can blow it soft for near by. The most amazing thing is, that we already won a few trials with the Logan 304." 

Esther, Netherlands

"Really like the A1 Black but LOVE the Logan 304, the stainless steel one. The tone is really nice and seems to carry well."

Candy, USA

"I received the whistles today, absolutely brilliant. Sound is wonderful!!! The dogs thank you too."

Emily, USA (A1, Delta and Turbo whistles)

" received the whistles today and appreciate the enclosed instructions (which I needed!). My dog is attentive to the tone and even with my novice whistling on the A1 excited a mule deer buck that was visiting the yard, seriously, it started snorting and scratching it's ear. Can't wait to master the technique."

Tamara, USA

"Got the Turbo whistle today tried it out tonight. Felt lighter than the Supreme, louder and deeper - ideal as we go by motorway and railway on our walks. The dogs can hear it through the noise. Thanks for another well made product. Superb quality."

John, UK

"Would just like to say I have just received my A1 whistle.. and instantly notice how much better it is than my previous whistles. I really am impressed and just wish I'd come across your site sooner." 

John, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Hi, I just received the engraved whistle, lovely and first class service. I will be recommending you to my friends".

Shamim, Scotland

"Thanks for the excellent service- I`m very satisfied with the whistles."

Wolfgang, Germany

"Just got home from work to find the parcel with the Sterling silver whistle - looks great - love the sound and great prompt service - thanks very much"

Annie, New Zealand

"The SILVER whistle is amazing – exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your amazing product and your excellent service."

Helen, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for my beautiful silver whistle, I have just received it in the post and it is fantastic, the sound is great and Tess the dog works well to it. Thank you so much its is lovely." 

Amie, UK

"Thank you so much for the promptness with my order. The A1 whistle came yesterday and I am really pleased with it. The tone it great and it's so much easier to play than the plastic one I have been trying." 

Bob, UK

"Got the A1 in the mail today and love it. It's the best whistle I have used so far, fits my mouth good and like the sound." 

Jody, Oklahoma, USA

"The engraved whistle arrived today! It is just perfect and will be a prized possession." 

Leslie, Arizona, USA

"Thanks for the super fast delivery. The silver whistles are beautiful. I'm a rookie, so thanks for your instructions." 

Olivia, NSW, Australia

"Have tried out and really like the Supreme - I think I prefer the tones and feel of the brass whistles but to be fair they are all good." 

Katherine, England

"A1 Whistle received; it's lovely and very much easier to blow than my old plastic whistle." 

Sue, England

"Thanks for the excellent service." 

Susanne, Sweden

"I would like to thank you for the very speedy and friendly service that you are able to offer and for the very fine silver whistle which has been much admired." 

David, England

"Your brass Turbo is fantastic - real pleasure to use. Just gave it a test run and it works perfectly. My dogs responded immediately and correctly." 

Will, Cottonwood, California, USA

"Thank you so much for the A1. The whistle works like a treat. Grabbing Bandit's attention has never been easier whether close or deep in the woods." 

Lester, Wisconsin, USA

"Just tested the silver whistle. I like it very much. Great sound, my dog was right away at my feet" 

Kerstin, Germany

"I received my beautiful handcrafted sterling silver whistle yesterday and I just love it. Your personal service was very evident. I was a little hesitant to order from across the pond, but could not find anything so beautiful made here in the US. Your shipping was so swift I now have it around my neck. If the truth be told although I have two Border Collies in training, I bought it for its beauty and will be wearing it for jewelry and a conversation piece. I was glad to get the instructions included and will begin to practice so it will be put it to it's beautifully designed use." 

Carolee, Virginia, USA