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Logan Celtic Supreme Brass Whistle

Logan Celtic Supreme Brass Whistle

Brand: Logan Whistles
Product Code: Celtic Engraved Supreme Brass Sheepdog Whistle
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Price: £45.00

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Celtic Etched Logan Supreme solid brass whistle

Taking our classic Logan Supreme whistle crafted from highest grade completely lead free brass and adding our trade-mark Celtic etch design to the front and the back to create a beautiful, very high performance whistle. 

Each whistle comes with a Logan Whistle pouch. If you choose to add a gift box we also include an adjustable black leather cord lanyard & Logan Whistle pouch.

Weighs 22 grams; measures 4.8cm (1 7/8 inches) across at the widest point.  All of our brass whistles use certificated Naval Lead Free brass 

Postage to UK - Standard £2.00  International Postage (rest of world) Standard £7.00

"This is a good solid whistle. It has a very sharp sound with plenty of range in volume.  The responses from dogs differs greatly depending on how sensitive to sound they are so the A1, Delta and 304 are ideal for very responsive dogs, where the Supreme and the Turbo come in to there own with a less responsive dog.  Reaching a great distance in bad conditions will also become easier to communicate with your dog with these two whistles.Julie Hill, International Brace Champion 2017

"I prefer the tones and feel of the brass whistles but to be fair they are all good." Katherine, England

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