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Traditional Hand Engraved Solid Silver Sheepdog Whistle

Traditional Hand Engraved Solid Silver Sheepdog Whistle

Brand: Logan Whistles
Product Code: Traditional Engraved Silver Sheepdog Whistle
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Traditional Hand Engraved Solid Silver Sheepdog Whistle

We now offer traditional hand-tool engraved scroll art-work on our solid silver Sterling whistles. 

This is the highest level of hand-engraving craftsmanship available. The artist only uses handmade tools and very specialist skills to embellish the silver and create a very precious object indeed. Historically, traditional hand-engraving of this nature has been used in practical and decorative applications such as hunting arms, royal seals, coins, bank notes, watch cases and jewellery. Unlike other decorative engraving which relies on electrical hand-held tools, this engraving creates intricate variations in depth for added beauty. 

Each of our traditionally engraved silver whistles bears an English Hallmark and is adorned with an intricate English Scroll pattern covering both sides.  

Each whistle also comes with both a leather cord lanyard and a Sterling Silver lanyard in a choice of lengths. It is presented in a beautiful gloss-finish Ebony Wood box.

A word from our hand-engraving artist

"The simplest form of engraving is hand engraving (sometimes called “push engraving”), which has been in use almost since civilization began. It sounds like what it is: take a sharp tool and gouge (or push it into) a piece of material to make a mark. One can imagine stone-age humans using this primitive form of engraving to make marks and drawings on cave walls. But the human hand is only strong enough to engrave some materials, and if the material is hard, a person trying to engrave using this method will tire before long. So as humans advanced so did their tools. Today the hand tool for this art is called the 'graver'. All the tools alone are made and shaped and sharpened by hand. It's such an amazing skill which acquires a lot of patience, perseverance and concentration. 

Hand engravers are more rare these days, but they still exist and can engrave beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for those who want them. These pieces are even more precious once engraved and can be passed down through generations (if not misplaced) - so keep them safe!"

It takes over three hours to engrave each whistle.

Made of English Hallmark 925 solid silver; weighing over 20 gm, measures 4.5cm at widest point.

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