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Whistle Command Sounds Guide …How To Build a Set of Whistle commands

Whistle Command Sounds Guide …How To Build a Set of Whistle commands

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Logan Whistle Command Sounds - How To Build Your Own Set Of Whistle Commands  

by Joanne McHardy - with whistle command sound contributions from Julie Hill; Nij Vyas and Susan Venney

  • on-line link to Guide (which we email to you) £5  
  • physical web-key version (perhaps better if offering as a gift) £10

Logan Whistles have been used by shepherds for decades to communicate complex and nuanced instructions to their dogs. They have a ‘voice’ that all dogs respond particularly well to – soft notes for close work and sharp tones that can carry over extreme distances – which also makes them ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.

In this guide we decode the shepherds’ whistle language by breaking it down into five basic sounds – the building blocks we have identified as the basis for all whistle commands.

You will find recorded sound clips and visual illustrations of these five basic whistle sounds to help you perfect these basic whistle tones. You can then listen to the personal whistle command sets of successful sheepdog handlers to hear and learn how to create a ‘set’ of whistle sounds that work together – giving you the information and sounds you need to build up your very own 'whistle language'.

You will also find help and advice on

  • how to use your Logan Whistle - including a new video demonstration
  • how to begin to train a dog on whistle commands
  • the relevance of frequency, pitch, tone and timbre for whistle commands
  • sound clips and visual guidance on building a ‘set’ of commands
  • how to work two or more dogs together using the same whistle
  • advice on selecting a Logan Whistle for your own needs

How to access the Guide

This guide is web-based (it is not a DVD) which means that, once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with a personal link giving you unlimited access to the Guide.  You can Bookmark this link for easy access at any time.  On-line Access only costs £5.00

You can also choose to purchase a physical 'Web-Key' to keep or offer as a gift - this is credit-card sized access card with a pop out USB to insert into a computer which then takes you directly to the Guide on the web. Perfect if you want to keep the guide handy or offer it as a gift.  On-line access plus a Web-Key costs £10.00

Please register as a customer as part of the Checkout process so we can set-up your personal access.  


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